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Anne Rockwell’s books have been used in classrooms to enlighten children in so many ways. Curriculum Guides can help teachers find the right game or activity to meet their classroom needs. Check back for more guides as they are added.

CLOUDS Curriculum Guide
For Grades K through 3

Cumulus or cumulonimbus -- which clouds mean rain? Help your students uncover the mysteries of weather in Anne Rockwell's accessible and informative CLOUDS, part of the Let's-Read-and-Find-Out Science series. Curriculum guide highlights include:

  • A worksheet exploring the role of clouds in the water cycle
  • A Cloud Data Record sheet to help your students discover the relationship between clouds and outdoor temperatures
  • A cloud observation and poetry writing exercise

CLOUDS and the free curriculum guide make the science of weather fun and accessible. Your students will gain a greater appreciation for the wonders of our natural world!

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For Grades 2 through 4

This Let's-Read-and-Find-Out book breaks down the complex topic of climate change into easily understood concepts, focusing on the creation of fossil fuels in nature and the ways humans have used them over the centuries. Curriculum guide highlights and activities include:

  • Worksheets on finding petroleum-based products in your home
  • Comparisons of the cost of gasoline to the price of other liquids
  • A science experiment to help students understand the greenhouse effect

WHAT'S SO BAD ABOUT GASOLINE and this teacher's guide are perfect for celebrating Earth Day in your classroom and for science and environmental units all year long.

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BIG GEORGE Curriculum Guide
For Grades 3 through 5

Boost your students’ American History knowledge and their understanding of what it means to be a leader with these engaging activities.  Developed by a curriculum specialist, the activities include:

  • Word scramble and matching game
  • Continental Soldier and British Soldier Paper Dolls
  • “What makes a leader?” Venn diagram

Designed to align with curriculum standards, this guide is filled with tips for before and after reading BIG GEORGE – a perfect addition to your elementary American History curriculum.

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