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Presidents’ Day

Written by Anne Rockwell

Illustrated by Lizzy Rockwell

HarperCollins (2007)

Mrs. Madoff’s class celebrates Presidents’ Day by putting on a play about the four U.S. presidents carved onto Mount Rushmore. Watch the monument itself come on stage, and learn what it means to be president. One girl plays George Washington because they have the same birthday. The tallest boy in the class is Abraham Lincoln. At the end of the day everyone votes for class president, just like in a real election.


“ An excellent introduction to the holiday for younger grades and a first purchase for most collections. ”

— School Library Journal

“ The impressive collaboration of the Rockwell team, once again delivers a book perfect for use in the primary grades. ”

— Children's Literature

“ The Rockwells, a mother-daughter team (Mom writes, her daughter draws) offer a presidential history lesson built on a class play.. Charlie, the tallest kid in class, gets to be Abraham Lincoln. Nicholas, who's a good writer, plays George Washington because they share the same birthday. That boosts Kate's own campaign for class president and stirs her dreams of becoming the first woman president of the USA. Has anyone told Hillary? ”

— USA Today