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At the Firehouse

Written & Illustrated by Anne Rockwell

HarperCollins (2003)

Like so many children Jason loves fire engines. He wants to know all about firefighters, their clothes and their tools, their pumper trucks and their ladder trucks. Children will love going to the open house at his town’s firehouse, where they’ll see what a firefighter’s job involves. They’ll get to see the room where firefighters eat and relax, and watch the tall ladder on one truck rise high in the sky. They’ll be thrilled when Jason gets a chance to sit in the driver’s seat. Like him they’ll feel just like a real firefighter. 


“ As she did with Fire Engines, Anne Rockwell wryly populates her At the Firehouse with dalmatians, as she takes readers inside the station on Visitor's Day. ”

— Publishers Weekly

“ A straightforward look at firefighters and the equipment they use...The enduring appeal of all things related to fire fighting as well as Rockwell's popularity ensure a place for this book in most libraries. ”

— School Library Journal