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Big Wheels

Written & Illustrated by Anne Rockwell

E.P. Dutton (1986)

Big wheels get the tough jobs done. Lifting, pushing, digging, dumping – they build the real world children live in and the imaginary worlds they create for themselves. Preschoolers will revel in the power that comes from knowing the name and function of each of these huge machines, and they will have fun picturing themselves riding atop each behemoth as they read about their favorite trucks again and again.


“ An excellent example of how to present information to young patrons: it is accurate, appealing, colorful, brief and interesting. ”

— School Library Journal

“ Rockwell's intention is to acquaint little ones with as many big machines with big wheels as she possibly can and she succeeds with flying colors. From the obvious big wheels like tractors to a compactor that handles garbage in the city dump, these varied machines will tickle the reader. Clear, simple pen and ink drawings with watercolor overlay make this book of big wheels take off. ”

— Children's Literature