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Books by Anne Rockwell
I’ve been writing and illustrating childrens' books since 1961. My books reflect my interests – and that’s why they cover a lot. Click on the categories to see books in each. 
  • First Books   ( 32 Books )
    In doing books for the very youngest children I always remind myself that the familiar world we might consider mundane is new and exciting to them.
  • Telling Stories   ( 36 Books )
    Most cultures have stories that take place in fantastic other worlds. But the real world can also be turned into stories that show children their world in a new way.
  • Exploring Nature   ( 18 Books )
    All young children are scientists. They are full of curiosity about the world, just as scientists are. I try to do books that help satisfy their curiosity.
  • Heroes and Heroines   ( 9 Books )
    I have always enjoyed reading real stories of real people of the past who did amazing things. I like to tell stories of people who overcame immense obstacles.
  • Games and Songs   ( 3 Books )
    I’m not a musician, but I love music. I also have nostalgia for games I played on the sidewalk and at recess. These titles are born out of those loves.