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My Preschool

Written & Illustrated by Anne Rockwell

Henry Holt & Co. (2008)

Join a happy little boy during a day at preschool, from cheerful hellos during circle time, to painting colorful pictures and playing at the water table before snack time. This is where friendships are made and tested, in the midst of all the fun and interesting work. And before this little boy knows it, it’s time to go home. But the best part of saying good-bye at the end of the day is that the little boy knows he will come back to his preschool tomorrow.


  • Chicago Public Library Best of the Best 2008


“ The art, in handprinted monoprint, is bold, striking and handsome, while being suggestive of a child's carefree style. ”

— The New York Times

“ Fred talks about why he loves preschool, and Rockwell's bright artwork shows what fun he has there, from the first moment, when he puts his backpack and vest in his cubby with his name and the teachers says, 'Good morning.' He plays at the water table, tells a story in circle time about how a raccoon tipped over the garbage in his yard, zooms trucks with another kid, enjoys his snack, sings with the music teacher, and more. It's not all idyllic: one child cries when her mother leaves; another gets mad and knocks down all of Fred's bricks; then the teacher has the boy say sorry, and the two friends play together outside. The pictures have the texture and look of a child's artwork, set against lots of white space, and the close-up scenarios make this lots of fun for group sharing or one-on-one. ”

— Booklist

“ Using colorful inks and traditional Japanese woodblock printing, Rockwell follows a boy through his day as he enjoys all the activities associated with preschool. From playtime to music, snack, art, and even yoga, the colorful monoprints convey the youngster's emotions as he experiences each activity and interacts with his classmates. ”

— School Library Journal

“ Here is the simplest of stories. An engaging little boy tells us of his day at preschool. Rockwell's familiar childlike art perfectly portrays Fred's delight with his friends at the water and sand tables. Snack time, yoga, singing and playing outside all make the day pass soon. Fred doesn't mind going home, "because I know I will come to preschool again tomorrow." A great introduction for soon-to-be preschoolers.. ”

— The Toledo Blade

“ An ebullient little boy describes his day, expertly guiding readers through all aspects of preschool life. The chatty text carefully includes the more challenging moments, such as children crying for their moms and scuffles over toys, as well as the happier events: circle-time sharing, sand-table play, a visit from the music teacher and the always popular snack time. In a wry reflection of modern life, the now de rigueur yoga session for preschoolers takes its place in the schedule. The hand-printed illustrations are filled with intriguing textures and vivid colors, the soft edges of the images adding to the overall coziness of the day. Here Rockwell does what she does best – demystifying a common childhood experience and placing it in terms that are comforting and inspiring for young children. Readers who are reluctant about this milestone as well as those who are eagerly anticipating it will find a welcome resource in this brightly illustrated tale. ”

— Kirkus Reviews